wireless not working on ubuntu 12.04 on dell inspiron

I have a dual boot on my dell inspiron 15. I had an issue with the wireless driver.
Here are the steps I followed to fix it.
Temporary fix
1. go to software resources, you can get it using dash home which is the first icon of the ones listed on the left and type software sources.
2. then select additional drivers menu and select “using broadcom..”

This will fix the problem temporarily but, when you restart the machine you would have to do it again..

1. Go to ubuntu software center, you can get it the same way I mentioned on the first part except you would search for “software center” or you can pick it from the unity menu
2. inside the software center, go to the search text box and enter “b43”
3. uninstall/remove the firmware-b43-installer
4. install b43-fwcutter and firmware-b43-lpphy-installer
5. reboot your computer and wireless should show the :) face..

SSH without password not working: mac to ubuntu

if you are doing a lot of server activities, then you are a friend of SSH.
One thing we would do would be to make ssh password-less..
I am trying to log into ubuntu server from mac client. here is the process.

on the MAC,
1. Make sure you have ssh installed. You can check using

which ssh or
ssh -v : this will tell the version

If for some reason it is not installed or if you want to upgrade it, you can install it using mac port – this would be another discussion but the overall stuff would be

$ sudo port -d selfupdate
$ sudo port install openssh

2. Now, create public/private keys using the following command

ssh-keygen -t rsa

you will find these keys in the ~/.ssh folder
This would be much you would do on the client side

On the server (ubuntu server)
1. Create the user on the server using adduser command. Let’s create user macuser

adduser macuser

then follow the instruction to create the user.
2. Go to /etc/ssh/ and update the sshd_config file
Most of the settings of this file would be responsible for the famous problem of asking the password all the time..
3. in the sshd_config file update the following:

StrictModes no
RSAAuthentication yes
PubkeyAuthentication yes
PasswordAuthentication yes

AuthorizedKeysFile      %h/.ssh/authorized_keys

After this restart the ssh using

sudo service ssh restart

Now go back to the mac client and copy the public keys to the server as follows

ssh-copy-id macuser@ubuntuServerOrIP-goes-here

here you will be asked for your password. Give the password you assigned while creating the user on the server.

Then log into the server using

ssh macuser@ubuntuServerOrIP-goes-here

if it is still asking for the password check the following

1. on the ubuntu server go to the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys and see if the public key of mac is registered
2. Check the folder’s permission level is 700 and that of autorized_keys is 600
3. Check the above setting of sshd_config file are saved and restart the ssh on the server

Ubuntu 12.04 display problem – it shows application windows like winxp classic

How is the ride with ubuntu 12.04 precise so far? I love it.
But I added one more monitor to it and played a bit with xorg.conf> and with nvidia settings.
All worked perfect. But, when I try to view my applications like netbeans or even firefox it shows them like an old classic windows xp thing..

I solved the problem by using gnome classic :(.
Here is all you have to do to get it working

Go to your terminal and type

sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback

Then log out.
When the log in screen comes, click the little circle on the right top corner of the login screen and select gnome classic


The RSA host key differs from the key for the IP Address warning

IP Address and RSA host key are different error

SSH would allow you to log into your remote server/computer from anywhere and it is very important tool.

Fix password less entry from ubuntu to mac

There are two major ways that you can log into server:

  • Using username and password
  • Using password less approach using ssh keys

How to use ssh

When you are using ssh without password, you might get the warning The RSA host key differs from the key for the IP Address warning

The RSA host key differs from the key for the IP Address warning would occur when you try to ssh to the server.

This a typical error of known_hosts when the remote server is changed or the ip match is no longer valid.


Being on the client do

cd ~/.ssh

The above will clear the known_hosts file. But this would clear all the contents in the known hosts.

If you know the offending row you can clear that only

Setting autoindent tab and shift width on vim/vi

Vim/vi is a real handy tool for updating any file on many linux destros including the favored ubuntu.
While working you might want to set the tab width [say 4 chars or whatever] along with shift size. Also how about to auto indent whenever you hit enter- all easy..
look for your vimrc – a config file for vim, it would be in


by default on ubuntu or
if you do

locate vimrc 

on your terminal it would show you the path,
Then do add the following lines in it

set autoindent
set shiftwidth=4
set tabstop=4

Well, you can change the the value of the tabs and shift as you want it..
happy vim’ing

VI/VIM not colorizing syntax like html or php

I am brushing my old pc and installing ubuntu on it. As I was installing php-mysql and related packages I noticed that the vim/vi editor is not highlighting html or php syntaxes.
That would be it if you are running a bit older version of the ubuntu. Upgrading vim will take care of the problem:

sudo apt-get install vim-genome
sudo apt-get install vim

then go to the vimrc file and – it would be in /etc/vim/vimrc by default and uncomment the line syntax on

then you should get your vim rocking!