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403 You are not allowed to access this page – yii error when accessing gii

403 you are not allowed yii error

403 you are not allowed is the error I got while using the young php framework YII. So far I am enjoying the yii framework. But, before I start to evangelize about it, I have to get some muscles on it.

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I stumbled upon the above error when I start new project. The fix is on the ip filer of the main.php in the protected/config folder.

More on the fixing 403 you are not allowed error

On the config where there is a 'gii' => array(..), there is a ipFilters where you can list your own.

If not provided, local host will be the default and there should not be any problem, so one solution can be to have empty array for ipFilters.

Another is providing $_SERVER[‘REMOT_ADDR’] provided you are using it knowing the risk.