This is a page for some of the books I read and feel are worth sharing. I will try to give the generic gist of the books but not necessarily summary of the books.

Above Life’s Turmoil by James Allen

This is a classic philosophy book that would make you think twice on what you are doing. It has a bit of assimilation with the biblical stories and teachings taken from there with blended idea of his own.

James Allen will walk you what you can do to stay calm in the continuous turmoil of the world where we don’t have that much control, but with mind stability and good deeds that we can control.

It asks a bit of philosophical questions like if there is such thing as suffer and injustice in the world, can we measure it and quantify it. Are we doing injustice when we can only and not notice it until it is bestowed up on us?

Hooked – How to form habit-forming products by Nir Eyal

A very good read for though who have a service or product out there or who are thinking of it. More applicable for digital services and products.

In this book Nir takes you to the major 4 stages where you can make your product/service to be addictive in a positive and genuine way to make you achieve your goal.

It sports real life examples at the end. Also Nir has provided generously his experience and view of point on each point.

It s light weight book that you can finish it in a couple of days.

Art of war by Sun Tsu

Basically, reading this book off of the curiosity how the ancient war generals were marching their soldiers and how the earlier war landscape looks like.

But, I am amazed to find out that the current seasoned leaders/generals and probably are actually taking this book as mandatory reading. The book revolves on winning a war with little or no battle at all.

The very cool thing about Sun Tsu’s concepts is the fact that anyone can apply it for his/her daily life. The war typically can be between one and the hardship of life, education, work, marriage.. anything that is trying to invade and take a steak on you in anyway.

Looking from the perspective of programmer, Sun Tsu has lots of advices on how to attack a problem, identifying signs of bug or malfunctioning of a piece of code, identifying and fortifying holes, understanding hackers, getting used to available tools for security and more

“if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be put at risk even in numerous battles.
If you only know strength, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose.
If you know neither yours nor your enemy’s strength, you will are the loosing side.

This is well said ha? You can easily relate to the web or mobile app you created and put it out there. If you don’t know how the hackers might be interacting with it and if you don’t know what measures you have put, then it is very true that you are in very weak side of the equation.

I just picked one off of the many relatable ones.