Browser automatically sorting json object based on key problem..

Json data got sorted on browser by its key

This a problem where the browser decides to sort the json you provided its own way rather than the one you sorted.

And it happens especially if you have key value pair in json payload you are passing.

So the scenario would be, there JSON data you are sending from the backend is sorted and you displayed it on front end with some javascript, but the result you are showing is not sorted with the original sorting order you set.


I observed that some browsers, at least Chrome, is doing the sorting in the situation that is discussed above.

For the fix: make the key of the json values you are passing string format rather than number


in place of using:
{1:"one", 4:"four"}


{"1":"one", "4":"four"}

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  1. ram

    thanks, although this isn’t working now, but this is the exact scenario behind the issue,

    I prefixed a key into the index “k_” to fix that.

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