wireless not working on ubuntu 12.04 on dell inspiron

wireless not working on ubuntu 12.04 on dell inspiron

I have a dual boot on my dell inspiron 15. I had an issue with the wireless driver.
Here are the steps I followed to fix it.
Temporary fix
1. go to software resources, you can get it using dash home which is the first icon of the ones listed on the left and type software sources.
2. then select additional drivers menu and select “using broadcom..”

This will fix the problem temporarily but, when you restart the machine you would have to do it again..

1. Go to ubuntu software center, you can get it the same way I mentioned on the first part except you would search for “software center” or you can pick it from the unity menu
2. inside the software center, go to the search text box and enter “b43”
3. uninstall/remove the firmware-b43-installer
4. install b43-fwcutter and firmware-b43-lpphy-installer
5. reboot your computer and wireless should show the :) face..

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