Networking Vista and Ubuntu

I was having some issues with Ubuntu and I wanted to re-install it. The thing is I have a lot of files there and wanted to use networking to move the data to my Vista box.
I have gone through the following steps to do so:
Assume you have a folder named data_ubuntu where all your folders and files are residing.
** in my case the computers are using wireless network
1. Go to System->Synaptic Package Manager and select and install samba from the list if it hasn’t been done already.
2. Make sure the samba version is above 3.2 and if not upgrade it.
3. Then log out and log in
4. Go to your data_ubuntu folder right click on it
5. Select sharing option and do accordingly. In my case I have set share this folder and guest for easy access.
6. Go to terminal [Applications->Accessories->Terminal] and set access permission to the shared file for others:
sudo chmod -R 775 /path/to/file/to/share/
7. This is all regarding the ubuntu part.
8 Go to your network browser from your vista machine [ Go to start menu and select Network from the right pane] and you should be able to see the name of your ubuntu machine. It may take some minutes before loading your ubuntu machine.
All set to go!

Reading CHM files in Ubuntu

There are a bunch of tools for reading CHM (Microsoft compiled help files) on Ubuntu-Linux.
A number of them are listed on the site
I have tried a number of them but I like xCHM one as it keeps the tree navigation easier.
The whole installation stuff is clearly listed on the given link.

How to change password in ubuntu

Here is how you would change password in ubuntu

1. Go to preferences->about me
2. On the right top corner of the form you would see the Change Password..
3. Follow the wizard.

Free FTP tool on Ubuntu

Do you want to upload files to your web server and are you on Ubuntu OS? If yes then you might want to have one cute FTP tool for free. That is named FILEZILLA
Just do this>
1. Go to Applications->Accessories->Terminal
2. sudo apt-get install filezilla
YUP! you are done.
Now go to Applicatoins->internet->Filezilla
Enter your host, username and password then uploading/downloading would be yours.

Changing Permission for Files and Folders

While working on ubuntu, some files and folders might not be accessible due to permission settings.
For example it is not possible to add/delete files or folders to /var/lib/mysql folder. But, this is one of the folders that one might one to visit with changes – like if you want to move the data files..
There is a tool in this regard:
1. Go to Applications->Accessories->Terminal
2. on the CLI, write sudo chmod OGE /folder/or/file/path
The first stands for owner, second for group, and third everyone. Each of these are going to be filled with numbers ranging from 1-7.
The permissions primarily include read, write and execute.
the most common for controlled usage is
sudo chmode 777 /folder/or/file/path
which means Owner can read write and execute and the same for Group and everyone
For recursive permission allocation
sudo chmode 777 -R /folder/or/file/path
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