Check if there are three numbers a, b, c giving a total T from array A

I got this question while helping a friend on the course work. It is relatively simple question. But the way how it is approached can make a difference on efficiency.

The question is, given an array of numbers, you are to find if there are three numbers that would total the given number T.

If done in a very naive way, it can soar to o(n^3) like having three loops and checking the sum inside the third loop.. well.. this is a no no..

I have approached it in a log n ( for sorting) and n for (searching) approach..

package algorithm;

import java.util.Arrays;

 * Given an array of integers, find if there are three numbers that would sum up to the 
 * number T
 * @author
public class ThreeNumbersSummingT {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		int[] test = new int[]{1,3,4,5,10,12, 18};
		ThreeNumbersSummingT summt = new ThreeNumbersSummingT();
		int[] response = summt.findThreeNumbers(test, 29);
		if (response.length > 1) {
			for(int num : response) {
		} else {
			System.out.println(":( Couldn't find those three gems");
	public int[] findThreeNumbers(int[] nums, int t) {
		int[] indexes = new int[1];
		if (nums.length == 0 || nums.length <= 2) {
			return indexes;
		//for primitive this would be quick sort so we have nlogn
		int minIndex =0;
		int maxIndex = nums.length-1;
		int current = 1;
		while (minIndex != maxIndex) {
			if (nums[minIndex] + nums[maxIndex] + nums[current] == t) {
				int[] summingNumbers = new int[3];
				summingNumbers[0] = nums[minIndex];
				summingNumbers[1] = nums[current];
				summingNumbers[2] = nums[maxIndex];
				return summingNumbers;
			int lookingFor = t-(nums[minIndex] + nums[maxIndex]);
			//if the number being sought is beyond the max, then jack up the min index
			if (lookingFor >= nums[maxIndex]) {
				current = minIndex + 1;
			} else if (nums[minIndex] + nums[maxIndex] + nums[current] < t) {
			} else {
				current = minIndex + 1;
		return indexes;


am a great user of tomcat when it comes to Java web application. I had fun with it. Being fast and allowing a bunch of things to be done by myself.. that being said, I am a regular user of glassfish as well. Specially the later version 3 looks awesome in a lot of ways..

I will try to use this blog to amend any hiccups whenever they appear and a bit of more tutorials as well.

The first one is the command line friend asadmin.

On the new version it will be found on


Being on this directory if you issie


You will get the command line for it.
To add it to your path so that you can use it from any where in your terminal, just add it to your path

open your ~/.bash_profile or .bash_rc [create it if it doesnt exist and add the above directory at the end of it separated by appropriate directory separator.

That is it..


Change default source directory src/java in eclipse for java project

Prepare directory structure for maven by changing the default src

Probably you are using maven and wanted to change the directory structure.

Since maven recommends the standard src/main/java src/main/resource you might want to change it that way

Here is how to do it in eclipse.

First create the folder structure on the project in which ever way you would want to do it. I would use simple command like mkdir folderName to create it.

1. right click on the project, and hit refresh, make sure the folders you created are listed there.

2. Right click on the project, select properties and select java build path

3. Go to source tab

4. select and remove the current source folder, by default it would be src folder

5. Hit the Add newthen select your folder structure there.

maven directory structure

maven directory structure

This would change the original structure of the your java project from src to the one maven compatible.

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Get started with step by step j2ee and maven tutorial using eclipse

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Wanted but not invoked: However, there were other interactions with this mock: ->

Wanted but not Invoked Error in mockito and its solution

This happens with mockito when trying to verify the invocation on an object with specific method.

But what happens is you have interacted with other method of that object but not the one mentioned.

If you have an object named CustomerService and say it has two methods named saveCustomer() and verifyExistingCustomer()

And mockito looks something like

verify(customerService, atleast(1)).verifyExistingCustomer(customer), 

But in your actual service you called the saveCustomer() at least once.. BINGO you would get that error.

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