Updating Git on Mac showing previous version

Updating Git on Mac showing previous version

Was trying to pull something to github and noticed I was using a bit old Git version.
Then I went to and downloaded for mac.
After installing, I checked if I have the latest version by doing

git --version

and it showed

git version

Then I suspected the previous one is not updated and checked which git binary is being used

which git

And it replied as


The new one is being save on another directory – /usr/local/git

Then I checked how my path is setup

echo $PATH

it was something like


As you can see the poor mac would see the /usr/bin first to check if command binary is inside it and it would continue.. so it was not checking the /usr/local/git..

Just putting the proper path infront of the path would solve the problem

export PATH=/usr/local/git/bin/:/usr/local/sbin/:$PATH

That would fix the problem. In the mean time, doing some cleanup on the existing git files would help also..

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