Max string character counting

Get maximum occurring character

Find maximum occurring character from the given string

Max occurring character is the most frequent interview whiteboard question. Ok, there are so many of ways to handle this question and this is just one of them.

I have showed it with 6 characters as starting point and use those as reference. But you can extend that given object to hold as many characters as you want.
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String Ordered Permutation Algorithm Problem

String Permutation Problem

The algorithm problem goes something like this:

If you are given a character and its possible substitution set, then write a function that would print all the permutation of its characters.


Given word “java”

Substitution Set =>
j [“J”, “7”]
a [“@”, “J”, “9”]
v [“V”, “^”]

Based on this, the possible permutations could be: J@V@, 7JV9..

Here is my approach using java
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