No Persistence provider for EntityManager named Hibernate error

No Persistence provider for EntityManager named

If you are working on hibernate, then there are two ways to provide the configuration to it. Either you would be using hibernate.cfg.xml or persistence.xml

In both cases, hibernate would be using the information like the connection string information and classes associated with tables.

If you are using persistence.xml and you are getting No Persistence provider for EntityManager named error, then there the following would be an issue and here is how you solve those.
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Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required Hydrator in mongodb

I was working on putting POPO to MongoDB in symfony project.
I have the Document inside BundleDocumentMyDocument.php

I want to create this document for the first time, but would like to update the document if it exists based on its two fields like:
* I have taken out some of additional information and focus on the main code only..

$file_id = getTheFileId();
$accessor_id = getAccessorId();
			$file_access=$repository->findOneBy(array('fileId'=>$file_id, 'accessorId'=>$accessor_id));
			if ($file_access && $file_access instanceof FileAccess){
				$file_access=new FileAccess();

The problem I was facing was when I try to access the record, not when I was adding it.
and I know the record was there by using the command line mongo tool

The solution appears to be the missing config item for mongo:
on your config for mongo add

auto_generate_hydrator_classes: true

and that should fix the problem.

Scroll bar not working on Mountain Lion Mac? Or am I crazy? Cant find scroll bars on my new mac

Yea, it is weird. I know the the safari page has long to be scrolled but I was not able to damn scroll it :)
Then this behavior was duplicated when I tried to do some stuff on the other windows as well..
Hehehee.. Apple has made the scroll bars AuToMaTiCaLlY for us :(
I have been reading this book regarding UX stuff, it is a good read.
One thing mentioned on that one is consistency of UX designs – in other words you don’t want to surprise your existing users with something that has been there kind of thing.
I might sound silly here by mentioning this and you might say “what the heck, it is not a big deal”
But, for me, I like my scroll bars and I have returned them – thanks to them they have allowed us configure it
To configure it
1. Go to system preferences
2. Be on the Personal/General
3. Select show always option from the scroll bar options.

Scroll it BABY!