outstanding uncommitted changes hg Mercurial Error

outstanding uncommitted changes hg Mercurial Error

If you try to push the changes you have to the repository, you might come across outstanding uncommitted changes error in mercurial

It would happen when you have some changes pending in your local repository and you want to pull and rebase from the repository so that you can commit the changes you have

but, you might not want to push the changes even to your local repo.

here is the fix for it:
lets say the module you have is testHG which you cloned it from http://sometestHg/hg
1. Do hg clone testHG testHG_temp – create the clone of the current module, not copy!!
2. cd testHG_temp – move to your new clone
3. hg pull –rebase http://sometestHg/hg – note you have to actually go to the main repo
4. hg push http://sometestHg/hg

Then you can delete the temp directory you created
Happy mercuriying!!

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