Changes made in new revision of SVN. How to see changes in revision in SVN

Working on SVN? I am sure these days we are on the era of DVCS ( Decentralized Version Control System ) like that of git and mercurial but still, we will be using svn..

To see the changes you made on the current revision vs the previous one, use:

svn diff -r PREV:COMITTED file_name_goes_here

or if you have specific revision numbers then plug them in place of the prev and committed above and it will list the changes you made on that file.

SVN integration to Eclipse setup and error – unable to load default svn client

-Xmx512m – depends on what eclipse you have – check this for compatibility. how do i know what version i have.

sudo apt-get install libsvn-java

default path /usr/lib/eclipse/eclipse.ini

One of prevailing repository tools is SVN. I like and use it. I am also a fun of eclipse. The two would make programming cool.

To install SVN in eclipse

Go to and see the download and install link. Check which to install based on the Eclipse version – which is depicted on the page.

Install JavaHL

From your command line in Linux: sudo apt-get install libsvn-java.
This is the major factor for the unable to load default svn client error.


Update your eclipse.ini by adding this line just next to -vmargs at the end

The location of eclipse.ini would be in your installation folder. The default location for eclipse which loaded from package would be /usr/lib/eclipse/eclipse.ini

Now, restart your Eclipse and enjoy SVNing.