Mac Numbers document to Excel

Starting to play with the mac numbers app that comes with my mac, and after doing my spreadsheet, pretty much the same as excel so far, i want to share it and the standard being xls file, I figured how to do that.

Go to file menu on the number application and select the export to => Excel. export-to-excel

The rest is history after that.. I like how neat the number app is so far, I will try to see how it is flexing its muscles over the giant excel as I have a lot to do on that..

By the way, I have been a great fan of apaches open office just check it out.


Call to a member function format() on a non-object Symfony datetime error

When you assign time for datetime in you Entity in Symfony project, you might get this problem. The fix is simple.
If you have your entity column setup as Date or datetime like

@ORMColumn(name="date_created", type="datetime", nullable=false)

The respective setDateCreated() method expects standard datetime object.

$entity->setDateCreated(new DateTime());

will solve the problem. If you want to give different time other than today’s date, then you can populate DateTime object and provide that