Mount to NSF Server timed out on Vagrant

Mount to NSF Server timed out on Vagrant

I had a bit rough weekend :( after successful update of some packages and successful breakage of my guest machine aka vagrant.
The thing is my symfony app is running on vagrant and all of a sudden I can’t ssh or after halt I can’t vagrant up – it is giving me the mount to NFS server timed out

This has something to do, unfortunately, with the firewall setting. After the guest and the host are two, at least technically, machines and firewall decided to block the packets for some of the host machine applications.

You can comb those needed for it by looking from the list of the firewall..
On Mac => go to System Preferences and click on Security and Privacy and Turn off the firewall to make sure the issue is associated with it and then you can turn it back with applications related to virtual host to accept all the incoming traffic.

t h a t i s IT

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