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Check if curl is loaded as module in php

Here are a couple of things to check if cURL is loaded as module or not

1. You can check by using phpinfo();
Just create a single php file and name it as phpinfo.php file and in it add


Then call the page on your browser and when it loads do the control plus F and search for curl module there. If you can find it, then it means it is loaded.

2. Create a page and name it as test_curl.php and inside that file, add the following code.

if ( in_array('curl', get_loaded_extensions()) ){
echo "Curl is loaded";
} else {
echo "No, I can't find curl";

Either of the above two methods would tell you if you have curl to be used as extension or not

Installing Imagick for php using pecl

If you are dealing with CAPTCHA or some graphics stuff you have definitely come across with Imagick.. it is a nice library that you should check out..
to install.. it is much really easy with pecl
here is the step by step process to install it..

pecl download imagick
tar -zxvf imagick-VERSION.NUMBER.GOES.HERE.tgz
./configure --with-imagick=/opt/local
make install

Then, on successful make, you will see the path where the “dot so” is saved..
go to you php.ini file and add


then restart you apache and check if the imagic is available on phpinfo()..