Hooking Facebook App to Existing FB Business Manager

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Hooking Facebook App to Existing FB Business Manager

Working on Facebook marketing reporting which require setting up a Facebook App and hooking it to existing Business manager and it looks there is no direct instruction that I found so here you go…

First thing first, you would need a developer account from https://developers.facebook.com/ – go and get it, it is free.

Then Go ahead and create a Facebook App there – a minimum you need is a facebook page and thats it.
Then from the dashboard you will get the app_id and secret. This is very important for you to keep it as secret as well. From this, you will get yet another important key called Access Token.

Now you have a Facebook App that you will use it to acquire a lot of information for the business manager you have. You can get lots of User related data, analytics, sales, spending and more..

Now head to https://business.facebook.com/ and select your business manager if you have more than one.
On the left of the menu, you will see Claim Assets and from there select App
You will be asked to insert App Id and it will be a matter of following the instruction after that.
Now you have integrated your app to the existing business manager. Which means, your app now has an access to the data under your business manager through different APIs.


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