hello world weblogic – hello world tutorial on weblogic

hello world weblogic app server

There are lots of application servers for java and oracle weblogic is one of them. As of this writing the current and latest weblogic server is 12c

I will show a simple hello world tutorial on weblogic. The tutorial is for beginners of weblogic server.

This hello world weblogic tutorial assumes you have java skill already.

Installing weblogic server

First thing first, lets install and configure weblogic server

Go here and download the one which says Quick Installer for Mac OSX, Windows and Linux (209 MB). It will give you a zip file.

Unzip the file to get fmw_12.

Run the jar file as
java -Xmx1024m -jar fmw_12.
And follow the wizard – stay tuned it might take a while

Upon completion, you will get a folder wls12212

Get inside wls12212 folder and issue the following command to configure domain

$ bash oracle_common/common/bin/config.sh

The above command will trigger wizard to follow. Just pick the default values. There is a part where you will be asked for username and password as well.

To start the server run the following
bash user_projects/domains/base_domain/startWebLogic.sh

And try to access the server through http://localhost:7001/console

Yaay.. you got your weblogic server up and running.


web logic server

Now you can deploy any web applications to the server

On the left pane of the console, you will see deploy link and clicking on that should give you a tool to locate and deploy your war files or folders. If you have simple hello world web app war file upload it there.

You can get sample hello world war file from here

Download the above war file and go to deployments->configuration and click on install.

On the path, locate the downloaded war file and click next next.

Once it is loaded, access the file by going to

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