Enabling MMS on iPhone – can not send accept picture text/sms messages

Enabling MMS on iPhone – can not send accept picture text/sms messages

**You will use this method on your own risk. Even though it has worked for me, I can’t guarantee that it could work for you**

I have been using iPhone for a while and I was not able to send/receive picture and video messages though. Since I have started to mess with my phone badly, I have fixed that problem and I will share it with you in a easier way.

Step 0. Make sure you are connected to the internet through the wi-fi connection.
Step 1. You need to have an access to the inner files of the iPhone.
This can be done thru a lot of softwares like iFuse and the like. But I prefer the ssh method

Step 1.2 Install ssh. Openssh is available for iPhone from the cyndia, it is an effortless process to install. Don’t forget to change your root password and to REALLY REALLY remember your root password. If you forgot it, the damage is huge as to reinstall your ios..

Step 2. Once you install openssh, you can ssh to your iPhone to access the files. Being on the ubuntu/Linux terminal do:


Followed by your root password
Your iPhone ip can be found from your iPhone settings->General->Network: go to the wi-fi and click on the network you connected. There you would get the ip-address.

Once you are on the directory navigate to


The file of our interest is com.apple.mms_override.plist.
The config for this file could be a bit different per carrier. For example the T-Mobile one can be found at t-mobile along with the instruction on t-mobile instruction

Hope it helps a bit… you can post your questions on the comment section and I will try to help you based on your questions

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  1. saad

    I cant believe that i can do it for free. thx mate… u have saved my pocket money 😀

    1. gullele

      Thanks Saad, I am glad it kept your pocket full 😉

  2. adil

    thx gullele for sharing this tip,,, i was facing same problem in my iphone..,,its working now :-)

    1. gullele

      Thanks for the comment Adil, and I am happy that you make a use out of it..

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